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Two of my all time favourite bands, Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica have released previously unheard tracks.

Metallica have released a previously unheard live version of their classic song ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’. What makes this special? Well it’s the last time Cliff Burton played a concert in the United States, and the track was recorded at the Hampton Coliseum on 3rd August 1986. Unfortunately I was too young to see Metallica live with Cliff Burton but it’s one of the concerts I would loved to have had the chance to go to. I’ve enclosed below the live audio for you to listen to.


Another of my all time favourite bands Stone Temple Pilots have released a previously unheard track. The track ‘Only Dying’ is a demo recorded before they were even know as Stone Temple Pilots, then they were known as Mighty Joe Young. The track was also to be used on the movie soundtrack for the 1994 film ‘The Crow’ but was pulled after the tragic loss during filming of Brandon Lee. After the tragic loss of Scott Weiland ( original lead singer of STP ) listening to this track is quite haunting. Given Weiland’s history of drug abuse when listening to this song and it’s lyrics it’s to me almost like you can hear him asking for help as his drug abuse is getting worse and is singing about how things will end, tragically this what ultimately did happen. I’ve enclosed the audio track below for you to listen to.

Both tracks are taken from special/limited edition albums to be released by both bands. The Metallica track is from there limited edition Master of Puppets album box set and the Stone Temple Pilots track is from a limited edition set for there album Core.