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Asking Alexandria have released a new video, the first since the return of frontman Danny Worsnop and have also announced a new album is coming.

Over the years I’ve expanded the types of bands I’ve listened to and one of the bands I’ve got into and keep an eye out for new music from is Asking Alexandria. This bands had a turbulent past few years with members leaving and subsequently returning, so I was interested to see what the new video for the song ‘Into The Fire’ had to offer. After watching the video personally I think it’s a good video with a very Sin City theme, the song I’m not initially sure when compared to previous songs/albums I’ve listened to is a song that instantly grabs my attention as one of their best songs. On top of the release of the new video they have announced they will be releasing a new album in December 2017, again the first new music with returning frontman Danny Worsnop. After watching the new video will the album be any good? Well like any new album release I’ll give it a few listens and make judgement from there.

I’ve enclosed the new video below to watch, so watch it and if you want to say what you think then please submit a comment.