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It has been confirmed that Linkin Park are to stream the previously announced tribute concert live.

A while ago I had hoped that upon announcement of a tribute concert to celebrate Chester Bennington’s life it would be streamed live and it seems it will be. My reason for hoping this would happen is that there are a lot of people/fans of Linkin Park all over the world that won’t have the chance to be there in person but would like to see this and join in ( though virtually ) to celebrate Chester’s life and the music he gave us. Obviously at the end of the day the decision must be that of the family, so if they didn’t wish to stream it then that decision has to be respected.

The event takes place on Friday 27th October and will be streamed on Linkin Parks You Tube channel ( Linkin Park You Tube channel ) and the broadcast begins at 7.45pm PST. I for one will try and watch this live and like other recent video releases there will be a mix of emotions, but ultimately it will be a chance to celebrate Chester’s life and music he helped create.