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Asking Alexandria have released a brand new track ‘Where Did It Go?’ from their forthcoming album.

As has been mentioned before in a previous post Asking Alexandria are one of the new bands I look into when I hear they have released new music. After the recent release of the track and video for ‘Into The Fire’ they have now released an audio track for the song ‘Where Did It Go?’ which will be on their new album. After first hearing of Asking Alexandria they had to me a straight up rock/metal sound, now after listening to the first couple of new songs the songs/band seem to be going for a different sound/direction.

Do I like this new sound/direction? I’m still unsure, I’ll admit at this moment though the new songs are good songs I personally prefer the older songs. This said I will still give the whole of the new album a fair hearing and decide from there. The new album is due for release on December 15th, I’ve enclosed the track below so give it a listen and see what you make of it.