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Machine Head have released an official video for the track ‘Catharsis’ from their forthcoming album of the same name.

With the release of the new Machine Head album ‘Catharsis’ now just round the corner the band have released a video for the title track. I’d seen a few friends saying it took them a few listens to like the song but for me personally the sound had an instant hook and I loved it upon the first listen. Machine Head previously announced that this album wouldn’t be as heavy as the the last and this song does back that message up, there is a bit more of a groove to the song than just pure heavy riffs, not saying that the riffs in this song aren’t heavy. The video itself is good, there is nothing strange or weird going on it is kept simple and suits the song perfectly.

If you’ve not already seen it ( which I’d imagine most Machine Head fans have listened to it numerous times haven’t ) then I’ve enclosed the video below to check out.