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When I heard Stone Temple Pilots had a new singer I wasn’t sure what to think but new videos of their first live performance surprised me.

Stone Temple Pilots are one of my favourite bands of all time and Scott Weiland is one of my favourite singers of all time. So after the passing of Scott Weiland and the brief stint of Chester Bennington as frontman I thought that there would never be another incarnation of the band, then I head the news that they had a new singer. Given my love for this band and Scott Weiland I was a little concerned that they would turn into a bit of a novelty act. Then whilst checking out the new Machine Head video on YouTube I came across a couple of videos of the band with the new singer performing live. Upon watching the videos I was overwhelmed how good they sounded and though the new singer for me can never replace Scott Weiland he sounded great and fitted the two songs great, keeping the recognizable STP sound. One of the songs they performed was a new track ‘Meadow’ which as mentioned previously has a recognizable early STP sound and is a great song. The second was for the song ‘Still Remains’ and again the new singer did the song justice without trying to become a Scott Weiland clone.

I’ve enclosed the videos below to check out, so give them a watch and see what you think. I for one hope they tour the UK next year as after seeing these videos will be interested to check them out live for myself.