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Sadly 2018 hasn’t got off to a great start within the Rock/Metal community with the news that Motorhead original member “Fast” Eddie Clarke has passed away.

Eddie Clarke had been ill and was in hospital being treated for Pneumonia when he passed away at the age of 67 on 10th January 2018. With his passing and that of Lemmy and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor over the past few years, it is hard to comprehend that all the members of what is considered the classic Motorhead lineup are now all gone. This said as I’ve mentioned/outlined in previous posts of musicians we’ve lost over the past few years though they’re no longer with us physically, we can be grateful that they have left us some classic music via the albums/singles they have contributed to making, as well as the memories some will have of seeing this classic lineup featuring “Fast” Eddie Clarke perform live . “Fast” Eddie Clarke has done this for me ( and I would say many others ) by contributing to the creation of some of my favourite Motorhead albums including Ace of Spades, Overkill and Iron Fist plus others. I would also consider him to be one of the contributors/components to the sound and style that defined Motorhead’s music, which was a loud and raucous sonic assault on the ears. I’ve personally not listened to any of the band Fastway which he was in after he was in Motorhead, so I personally will generally remember him musically for his time with Motorhead. As for live performances I’m to young myself to have seen the classic lineup live but from what I’ve read & can hear on the few live albums it is something I and many other fans wish they could’ve experienced.

With all this said my thoughts are with the friends and family of Eddie Clarke at this sad time. But with this I’m heartened to think what a gig in heaven this would be with all the original members re-united. So once again thank you “Fast” Eddie Clarke for the music you have provided and may you RIP.