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Killswitch Engage have recorded a new track with their former frontman Howard Jones.

When I first got into Killswitch Engage it was when Howard Jones was the singer and I loved the music they recorded and released with him. Then he left and the original singer Jesse Leach returned and again I’ve loved everything they’ve released with him, as well as continuing to love the previous recordings. So I was overjoyed and look forward to hearing the track that both these amazing vocalists have contributed on.

Not only though have these two friends collaborated but the track itself is/was written to help further raise awareness into issues such as Mental Heath & Suicide Prevention. At the moment Mental Health and Suicide Prevention is something that demands being made more aware of, in society across the world and also in the music business many struggle with Mental Health issues so raising awareness so more can be done to help those affected is a great thing. So with Killswitch Engage and through this track/through music they have chosen to use this medium to try and get there message across.