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It’s been a quiet for a while with regards to anything musically from Slipknot but they’ve come back with an amazing new song, accompanied by an equally as impressive new video for the same song.

For me personally Slipknot were one of those bands I initially didn’t pay much attention to or get into, but gradually over the years after listening to them and seeing them live I have been liking them more and more. As a band they’ve been quiet for a while, partly/possibly due to Corey Taylor being involved with some of his side projects ( such as Stone Sour ), however they’ve probably been working on new Slipknot material and have now hit back with a new song/video. The song has what I consider the key elements to a Slipknot song/sound, in that it’s full of heavy/crunching guitar sounds backed up by the rhythm section of the band and lyrics delivered in Corey Taylor’s rasping/in your face style. The video is again what I come to expect from recent Slipknot videos, greatly put together & cinematically done, with a dark/sinister mood accompanying it.

As I have said with other in other posts I’ve made with regards to new songs/videos, go check out the video below and see what you think. For me if the rest of the new Slipknot material/music is as good this should be a great album when released and one I’ll keep an eye out for.